Financial Planning


Can I retire, and maintain my standard of living?
When can retirement happen for me?
What should I be doing to prepare myself for retirement?
How do I arrange my accounts to improve my retirement income?
How do I make my money last as long as I do?

Personal Finance

What can I do to improve my financial picture?
Am I in good financial shape?
Am I on track to reach my goals?
What can I do to mitigate taxes?
Do a need a will, power of attorney, or trust?


Am I putting my hard-earned money in the right investments?
I'm a little skeptical of my investments. Can you give me a second opinion on what I have, or before I buy an investment?
How are my investments performing?

Social Security

When should I claim my benefits?
Can we take advantage of "restricted application" or other techniques I hear about?
I'm single. Are there any strategies for me?

401(k)s, 403(b)s, Pensions, and Other Retirement Accounts

What investments should I choose?
What pension option is right for my situation?
Should I rollover my account, and how do I do that?


How much coverage do I need?
Do I need life, long term care, disability, or other kinds of insurance?

Losing Sleep

I'm a widow or widower. What do I do with my finances now?
I'm going through a divorce. What can be done about the financial part?
I can’t get ahead. What can I do so I’m not short every month?
Is it hopeless, or can I get out of debt?

Life's Major Events

How much home can I afford to buy?
Should I refinance, upsize, or downsize?
What's the best way to save for college?
How should I be saving for a car, wedding, vacation, new business, or other goal?
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