By-the-Hour Only

We charge a flat fee of $240/hour, and are paid exclusively by our clients. We do not accept compensation from any third parties in the form of commissions or referral fees, nor do we “take over” your investments and charge a percentage for management. Hourly rates mean no sales pressure and no hidden agenda: we simply provide as-needed, objective financial advice, whether for one question or a comprehensive plan.


Financial Answers was designed so our services are flexible and budget-friendly. Most plans are priced between $1,000-$3,000, although we have clients who have only needed 1 hour as well as those who have exceeded 15 hours. The fees are based on the actual time involved in meeting with you in person or over the phone, researching and analyzing your current situation, and providing specific recommendations and implementation assistance (if appropriate). The total fee for a financial plan will vary based on the specific needs and complexity of your situation. Working on an hourly basis means that clients pay only for the time an advisor works with or for them.

What about my situation?

We will always provide clients with an accurate estimate of the cost of our services before they begin working with us. A firm estimate of fees will be provided at the end of your “Get Acquainted” meeting, when your needs have been fully identified.

Let's "Get Acquainted"

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